connected contours


how can empathy with the complexity of real situations be brought into a development lab?


client: vodafone + ericsson



A new, high-tech development facility for mobile communications, commissioned me to develop a strategy to ground the development of solutions into the complexity of everyday life. Part of the strategy are the Connected Contours:


The Connected Contours freeze real, human situations of connectivity.

They ask us to reflect on, understand and have empathy with those everyday situations.

They seduce us to - literally - take on the position of a ‘connected’ human.

What do people really do? What does connectivity mean? What is the experience like?

Where is the value? What could be different? What could be better?

Because only through understanding practical reality, one can truly innovate.


The Contours are based on observations of and interviews with real people - and  constructed from hundreds of connections.

By subtly integrating dynamic lighting, the Contours become 'alive', especially at night


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