motion scape


can you feel the movements of another body through light?


comissioned by the city of graz, austria, 2018



“We see in order to move; we move in order to see.” - Gibson


As kids we jumped around, we bounced against walls, we made head rolls and we climbed in trees.

As we age, our motions get reduced to the likes of sitting behind screens and pushing buttons.

It seems that to be intelligent means to use the brain.

But isn’t there something extraordinarily meaningful in moving with the body?

Like a dancer, an athlete, or a child?

Can movement not bring us new ideas? New perspectives? Can it free us? Be contagious?


Deep down in the Schlossberg in the middle of the city of Graz, light of very high contrast leaves nothing but motion. Disturbing at times, this is a first, experimental, version of Motion Scape:

A universe which attempts to let you relive human movements through your body.


The sound in this installation is produced real-time through an algorithmic composition developed by professor Winfried Ritsch. It is replayed using a novel ambisonic system.


pictures by Alex Koch and Steirerwerk Glösl



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