Melvin the LIGHT machine

During a one day workshop, starting with an introduction on DMX, OSC, Xbee's, PowerLED's and some Arduino libraries 7 students build a 'Melvin the LightMachine'. Where the goal was mainly to learn about all the different available technologies, the outcome was a really complex and well working 'Melvin the machine'. Check out the video to get an idea:


negative lighting at TEDxBrainport 2012

negative lighting will exhibit at TEDxBrainport 2012, on June 5th, at Evoluon Eindhoven. Welcome and create and enjoy your own “negative” space.

Zhiyuan Zheng


A long overdue update from the Openlight camp in Siena!

Things are moving as the tension for the opening builds! Saturday the 9th of June the second edition of the Light through Culture exhibition will be opened at the Santa Maria della Scala Museum in Siena, Italy. 

This instalment is entitled Experiencing Human Rights. The exhibition offers an interactive experience where the visitor will experience the application or denial of such rights, with the objective to stimulate and strengthen the reflection on their relevance and universality.

Openlight M22 students Teun Vinken and Jeroen Peeters are the conceptual leads in the project, a co-operation between Openlight, TU/e, University of Siena, the City of Siena and the Interactive Insititute (Sweden).

Work is well underway: The space has been prepared as have most of the electronics and programming. We're now curating the content and preparing to finish the production at the museum.

Also, the special Openlight glasses have arrived from China!

Stay tuned!





bulbs become antennas


The opening

The exhibition has been openend! The first visitors are enjoying the hard work of the past 7 days! We love to see those smiling faces!